Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tag: Movies

Monday and yesterday i got taged by Priscilla, Amanda and Mindcross, thank you girls! I'm love it when somboday tags me! actually it's a dutch tag but ah well i just translated it for all the english readers! (So maybe some bad english, sorry for that!)

1) Do you like to watch movies?
Yes i do! I love them! Ecpecially fantasy movies and stuff like that!
2) Do you prefure to watch them alone or togehter?
I don't mind, if i want to watch one i just going to look a movie. But with two is also fun!
3) cinema or at home?
Both! Because some movies i just want to see at the cinema! Like Alice in Wonderland, twilight and so!
4) What's your favorite genre?
5) With movie you can watch over and over again?
Movies like Harry Potter and movies where Helena Bonham Carter plays in!
6) Whats you favorite action movie?
Angels and Demons
7) Whats you facorite horror movie?
Sweeney Todd!
8) Whats your favorite comedy movie?
Meet the fockers, Scary Movie and so!
9) Whats you favorite romantic movie?
The notebook and the proposal
10) Favorite actress?
Helena Bonham Carter offcourse!
11) Favorite actor?
Johhney Depp!
12) Best movie you ever saw?
I have no idea! I love a lot of movies.. So i'm not going to answer this! xD
13) Worst movie you ever saw
I've no idea, forgot the name i quess! xD
14) Do you want to become a actress/actor
Maybe for one movie.. but further not really
15) From wich book/person/game they have to make a movie?
Ehh i have no idea.. xD


  1. awwww
    the notebook is ook mijn favo film :3

  2. Hehe Lots of Helena! <3 xD
    Nice dolls!! Hahaha are they for real or are they painted?

  3. dankje voor het volgen!
    meet the fockers is leuuuuk.

  4. Leuke tag!
    En I love Helena Bonham Carter!