Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear readers!
I'm so sad to tell you i'm going to leave blog-world for four whole days! Because today my niece is going to marry with her boyfried (or now husband, depend on when you read this). So boyfriend is already coming over today and stays here untill sunday! So i won't post a thing.. Maybe i will post someting in the weekend but i'm not sure about that..

Also i wanted to thank all of you we leave a comment on my blog! It makes me so happy everytime when somebody leaves someting! I just can make my day alright!

And offcourse i wish you al aan great weekend and i see you on monday again! with offcourse a new Happy Monday! I love you all!
And offcourse the little kiss for all of you again♥!


  1. geniet ervan en ik zou zeggen tot heel erg snel!

  2. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel plezier! Niet stiekum zelf in het bootje stappen hé ^^

    Nice pica btw =)

  3. have funn!
    en nog even een reactie op jouw comment op mijn blog: de skin is 'minima lefty stretch' :)

  4. Heel veel plezier op de bruiloft!

  5. Have fun at the wedding. It will be great, I guess

  6. Wat een geweldige foto, veel plezier op de bruiloft!

  7. Veel plezier! & idd prachtige foto!