Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pretty little kitty-cat in the afternoon sun!

Easter-break was great! My boyfriend came saterday morning and first we slept a couple of two hours more (it was early when he came). In the afternoon we did some shopping and we ate pancakes for dinner! Sunday we went to my mom and did a little walk towards the beach and some shoppig (yes again, but i dind't buy a thing!)

Today it was just school again and some horserinding, wich was fun! Also i took a couple pictures of my cat in the afternoon! Because it was just so nice outside today!
A little kiss for you all♥!


  1. zo lieff :D
    was indd echt super lekker weer buiten :P
    lekker warm xD

  2. Ah lief! Klinkt als een fijne pasen :)

  3. Ahw Lovely,, Lena is so cute!!
    It was really beautiful weather!
    Today as well! I hope it is this kind of weather at the ELF!

  4. Lelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa=)
    Toch de scooter gehaald hahah:P