Thursday, April 29, 2010

At the moment #04

Reading: Still nothing, but i brought part two of Vampire Diaries so i'm going to start with that very soon!
Loving the Movie:
Favourite Quote: The Zoo: ''An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.''
Feeling: Soooo Happy! Because tomorrow boyfried is comming again, i past for two importent test and it's time for a little holiday!

Game: Pokemon SoulSilver (really really love it!)
Doing: Blogging and talking to some friends on MSN
Loving this picture: (from weheartit)
Watching/listen: Radio 528
Drinking: Cola
Today i was at: School
Must have: I still want a new notbook. But also a new bag and some more stuff


  1. haha jij wil gewoon veel te veel xD :P
    (ik ook hoor O:) haha)

  2. Radio 528? Nooit van gehooord :P
    Geniet lekker van je vakantie!