Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hello sweeties!
So i'm back again for a few days. My weekend was great, like alwasy! Saterday we first went to the Elf Fantasy Fair where i bought a new book from vampire dairies and a cute cat hat! (I will make aan picture later!) After the Elf we went to Utrecht to get Nina on the train and also to pick up my boyfriend fromt the train. Sunday we did some shopping and i bought a new jeans and Pokemon SoulSilver! And i love it already! I'm not that far yet but it's great!

Also i have to go back to school in like 70 mins or someting because we have this parents night where we going to show what were doing on school and stuff like that. My group will show a video we made. So yeah.. I really don't want to, but a friend of mine is also comming so i hope it will be a little bit fun! (you just could ask everybody you wanted so yeah..) And for now i will just show you the happy monday pictures again!
Little kiss for you all, on this monday♥!


  1. haha suc6 vanavond met die film xD
    Zal vast gezellig worden, haha :P

  2. awww ik hoop dat je het leuk had
    en hele leuke foto's :)

  3. Heej was gezellig hoor! Vond het leuk om te zien wat je aan het doen bent!

    En natuurlijk weer leuke foto's =) xxx

  4. wat een heerlijke foto's, fleurt mn dag weer op.
    Leuke blog ook, waarom in het engels?