Friday, April 2, 2010

''Can't'' He whispered. 'It's too dangerous. Already took...too much...last night''

''I've already found what i want.'' she said brutally.
''And who i want to be with forever''
Blackness welled up in his eyes, as cold rage that swept through the air betwee them. Looking into those etes, Elena thought of a cobra about to strike. ''Don't you be as stupid as my brother is.'' he said. ''Or i might have to treat you the same way.''
- The Vampire Daires, the awakening and the struggle
Page 262

His mounth was cool and dry as it touched her throat. His hand cupped the back of her neck as his lips sought the two little punctures alreadt there. Elena willed herslef not to recoil at the brief sting of pain. Then she smiled. Before, she had felt his agonizing need, his driving hunger. Now. through the bond they shared, she felt only fierce joy and satifaction. Deep satisfaction as the hunger was gradually assuaged. Her own pleasure came form giving, form knowing that she was sustaining Stefan with her own life.
- The Vampire Daires, the awakening and the struggle
Page 305


  1. Omdat je bleef zeuren hihih

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    Eerst twilight maar goed uitlezen hihi

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  2. hahah jij bent dus The Vampire Daires aant lezen? 8-)

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