Friday, October 15, 2010

I just want to come back in this world..

It's a very long long time ago i wrote someting here. But that's just because i din't know what to post anymore and started a ducth kinda blog where i write letters about books, to shops and stuff like that. But i just want to start someting new (again). I don't know.. I'm totaly in love with english (fasion) blogs and stuff like that. And yesterday i discovered a english nail blog where somebody ha every day another nail-art thing online and thay for a whole year! And now i have someting like, I WANT TO DO A PROJECT! For a whole year.. but i don't know what kind of. I mean the photo project is just old and i don't know other one's.. So i though maybe you guys can help me out with a fantastic idea! I have no idea if i'm gonna do it.. but we will see!

I hope you all can help me out :D!
With love ♥