Thursday, April 1, 2010

At the moment #01

Reading: The vampire daires - The awakening and the struggle
Loving the Movie: Alice in Wonderland
Favourite Quote: Goodbye, sweet hat (Alice in wonderland)
Feeling: A little cold! Because i had ice-cream as dessert!

Game: Happy Island (on facebook)
Doing: I have no idea what's it called so i did make a photo of it!
Loving this picture: form

Watching: Good times and bad time (a ducht tv show, only i translate the titel:P)
Drinking: Nothing, have to get someting but i'm a little lazy!
Today i was at: School and did some shopping with two of my classmates
Must have: Molskine Passion Journal - Books

Little kiss for you all!♥


  1. Haha luie koe xD :P

    ahh neej hoor :(:) :')

    leuk, zo'n lijstje :D

  2. Hahah die foto van die kat vet lollig
    Leuk loggie ben ik weer op de hoogte ;)

  3. Aww,thank you! :) I adore the cat photo with the mini mustache.I personally think mustaches rock! x

  4. Leuk lijstje!
    En de foto van die kat is super schattig.

  5. Thanks so much!
    Your blog is so lovely,
    maybe we can follow each?

  6. I loved the name of your blog!
    Happy Easter!