Monday, May 3, 2010

A poké Happy Monday!

Hii Sweetys!
The weekend was just great! Friday boyfriend come over. Because it was queensday there where a lot of people who sold stuff on the street! So we went to one of those streets and brought some pokemon card! Also we looked pokemon movies, had a birthday from a friend of mine and looked even more Pokemon movies! So yeah the weekend was great! (L). Tonight boyfriend is coming back again and stays until friday! So so Happy! (He had to work today) and offcourse where going to look even more poke movies! (think so). Also he want to buy some more cards and stuff like that! Yeah where both totally into Pokemon again! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

And offcourse a little kiss to you all♥!
Ps. Also have a new header thanks to the sweet sweet Nadiye! Love you!:3


  1. youwelcom honeehhh!
    je kan hem ook centreren door er op paint een strookje wit aan de linker kant te doen.
    dan staat ie iets mooier in het midden :3

  2. Whaha!!! Hoezo verslaafd aan Pokemon? O.O

    Sinds wanneer eigenlijk, Lau? O.O xD

    Naja, toedels!!!! xXxXx *huggie*

  3. Hahaha nice! Waar koninginnedag al niet goed voor is ;)
    Ga maar lekker filmpjes kijken!

    Love yah!

  4. Hahah ook nog op koninginnedag pokémon kaarten gescoord? :')
    Gaat lekker xD

    Wel handig, zo'n vakantie 8-) kan je vriend lekker lang blijven, haha xD

  5. OHMYGOODNESS. I love this dress <33

    As always, thanks for the comments Laura. I love hearing from you!

    Sarah Yvonne