Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everyting happens in Belgium... Well not really XD

Gooday lovelys!
Like i told you all yesterday i would show you some stuff today wich i got out of Belgium last friday! First of all we went to Antwerpen to go to a little story with all kinds of statue from dragons and all kind of stuff! There he bought a new statue elf and some neckless, and i got a new ring! The one with the kind of blue stone in it!

After that we had to go back to the car because we went to Brugge where we meet my uncle's girlfriend and her two dauthers. We drunk someting with them (only the younghst one we just saw for a minute, so the oldest one sat with us. And also a friend who was with her) After that we went to a random shop and i got a purple/grey skirt from my dad! And some later en pretty black one from the H&M! I love them both, especially the black one! I really like all the gothic stuff and sometimes you just can find someting like that at the H&M! That's why i love that shop! ♥
Around 5 o'clock the girlfriend and my uncle decided to go back to her home again, so my dad and i had to go back with them to her car because they had some presents for us! My dad got a bottle of wine and from the oldest daughter i got the boeda with the little candles infront of it. And from the other one the kind of plate with the candles and some kind of stone to put around it! I was just like OMG! So much! And so so Pretty! I really really love both, and i'm so happy with the boeda! It's just.. i don't now very very sweet of time! After they went away dad and i just did some more shopping in Brugge and after that where went home again..

(You can see the little stone a little behind the plate, i'm not sure yet where to put it so that's why the stone don't lay on the plate yet xD)


  1. haha je hebt veel inkopen gedaan in België dus (H) :D

  2. I lohove your ring!!!!
    I saw the black skirt at the HM, I almost bought it myself! But they are really beautiful! I think they look great on you!
    And nice presents also, they look great at your dressoir!

  3. leuke buyings :D
    en die ringen zijn hebbeable :3