Thursday, May 6, 2010

At the moment #05

Reading: Still not reading a new book, wanna start tomorrow or saterday i geuss.
Loving the Movie: Darkrai
Favourite Quote: Don't have one at the moment
Feeling: Missing my boyfriend :( (he's on his way back home again..)

Game: Pokemon SoulSilver
Doing: Blogging, talking to some friends
Loving this picture: (from weheartit) Watching/listen: To some serie on tv
Drinking: Ice-Tea
Today i was at: At home with my boy and for a little hour in Scheveningen (The beach around here)
Must have: Boyfriend back with me!


  1. awwww.
    het missen van je vriendje <33

  2. en? ben je al begonnen aan een nieuw boek?XD