Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Monday!

Hellow Lovelys!
I hope everybodys monday was great! Mine was a kind of hell.. First at all i had to go back to school today for like three days and then after wendsey i'm free foor four days again..Then i'm think like: 'Why don't you just give us those three day's also free!' *sighs*. Also mine computer decided to do someting like: 'Do everyting by your self!' In other words he desided to be death, so my dad had to install vista again, so i lost everyting.. But thank god i could save some pictures! So i'm happy with that..

And for now this is all, and sorry for some crappy English.. I'm tired! xD
Little kiss you you all on this monday! ♥

Ps. Tomorrow i will show some things i got out of Belgium!


  1. whaha lullig he, dat ze niet gewoon ff 2 weken vakantie geven :oo
    Wil k ook, hahah
    Maargoed... tis niet anders :P

    Sterkte met je Laptop :') Hopen dat ie t nog ff uithoudt zo xD En anders misschien even kijken of je er windows 7 op kan zetten? werkt weer beter dan Vista.

  2. Those pictures are indeed, waay too cute.


  3. Omg, je blog is leeeeuk ! o:

  4. I totally agree! They could give us this week off! But nooo we have to go to school xD
    Ah well,, only today! Then 4 days off :D