Thursday, March 25, 2010

You're all late for tea!

The Red Queen: I need a pig here!
[Live pig is slid under her feet]
The Red Queen: I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet.
[Mad Hatter chuckles]
The Red Queen: Stop that!

At the moment i'm pretty excited! Because tomorrow i'm going to see one of my best friends again! She lives on the other side of the country so we don't see each other so often. But when we see eahc other it's alwasy so nice! So yeah i wish it was already tomorrow! Also we're going to Alice in Wonderland tomorow if where not to tired for school and traveling! Because i have to travel like 2.45 hours with the train to get in Groningen!

So i don't know if i will post in the weekend, but when i get back you can expect some pretty picture's and maybe a english video! But i'm not so sure about the last one.. And for now, just some Alice pictures!

And offcourse a little kiss for all my pretty readers!♥


  1. haha volgens mij gaat iedereen massaal naar Alice in Wonderland :D
    Wel leuk!! 8-)

  2. ik will oooook naar alice in wonderland D:

  3. Ik heb er zin in!!!!! Ik denk wel dat we morgen nog wel redden hoor maar we zullen zien!! Ik zie je morgen! Ik ga nu eten en dan lekker op bed! Voel me alweer iets beter :)
    Love ya

  4. I just saw Alice in Wonderland yesterday and LOOOOOVED it! and I LOVED your last post with the musicals. I adore musicals!

    Just came across your site from 20SB and thought I would say hello! My husband and I are currently living in Peru and for Easter we are doing a giveaway with the chance to win goodies from PERU! Come check it out :)


  5. Exciting! I'm going to see Alice this weekend as well :). I look forward to hearing your take on it. Have fun with your friend!

    Sarah Yvonne

  6. So jealous that you're going to see the movie! I haven't had the time to see it yet:(