Friday, March 19, 2010

First tings first!

I've stole this little list form Manon, sorry girl! But i just tough it was a nice first post.. So i hope you don't mind!

Three favorite movies:
1. Sweeney Todd
2. Nanny McPhee
3. All the Harry Potter Movies

Three things that have changed about you in the past year: (2009&2010)
1. Changed my hair colour two times
2. Got a boyfriend
3. Got back to College

Three things you do every day:
1. Going to school
2. Talk with my boyfriend/friends
3. Watching GTST (a dutch show, only not in the weekend)

Three people that have inspired you:
1. Nina
2. WeHeartit
3. People on the internet with there blogs

Three favorite hobbies:
1. Horse Riding
2. Blogging
3. Meeting friends

Three things you’re looking forward to:
1. Seeing Alice in Wonderland for the first time
2. Seeing my boyfriend this sunday again
3. Going to Nina next week!

Three favorite bands:
1. Within Temptation
2. Arvil Lavigne
3. Keisha

Three places you’d want to travel to:
1. London
2. New York
3. Las Vegas

Three books you love:
1. Breaking Dawn (form the twilight-saga)
2. Koud hart (a dutch book)
3. And all the Harry Potter books (can't really chooce between them so..)

Three things you’re proud of:
1. My boyfriend
2. I did started with school again
3. My life, just how it is

Three things you’ll do this week: (after this weekend!)
1. Seeing Alice in Wonderland for the first time!
2. Going to Nina (to see Alice with her!)
3. Missing my boy, because i don't see him that week

Three drinks you like:
1. Cola
2. Ice-Tea
3. Tea

Three favorite memories:
1. The day i met my boyfriend for the first time
2. Being in London with Nina for a couple of days
3. The first time i was in london

Three songs that mean a lot to you:
1. Avril Lavigne - Avril
2. Wicked - Dancing Through Life
3. Sweeney Todd - Worst pies in London

Three bad habits you have:
1. I'm spending to much time on the internet
2. Forgetting things i have to do
3. Doing the (Very layz in that kind of tings)

Three T.V. shows you like:
1. Charmed
2. The Vampire Dairies
3. Moonlight (to bad there's only one season)
Three favorite comedians:

Three random facts about you:
1. I'm totaly in love with london, everytime i hear someting about it i will just scream LONDON! Or look extremely happy!
2. I'm in love with pretty tings like notebooks and journals. Also i can look hours around on WeHeartIt!
3. Sometimes i'm a little to obssed with Helena Bonham Carter

And that's all foks!
Just a little kiss for you all!


  1. Welcome to the internet! Or rather, welcome to Wonderland ;). That's where I'm from as well!

    I'm excited to find another Alice supporter and London lover!

    Thanks for the comments!

    Sarah Yvonne

  2. Whahah weer een soort weblog? :D Je blijft wel bezig zeg xD
    Wel leuk, al die lijstjes!! :D

  3. hey meid ga zo door ziet er goe duit greotjes mandy

  4. Vetjes denk dat ik hem weer van jou ga jatten (AA)! xx

  5. Hi Love,

    Nice! And two out of the three favorite memories are with me! Well it is one of my favorite memories too! Maybe I'll use this one as well for my blog,, whenever I have time..
    Love you!