Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's a boy thing

Last week my dad told me he and my uncle where going to a english car event, so i decided to go with them! So i got up early today and we went to the event somewhere in northern brabant (a province here in holland). We got there around 11am and when we went inside everywhere you looked you saw hanging English flags, i already loved it there.

I really love this cup and the teapot!

After some time we decided to get someting to drink and my dad told me he thought he saw a friend of mine, and after some time we also run into her! It was funny to see her there, because we dind't know we both will be on that event..

Also i got this beautiful chest from my dad, and it was only 12 euro's! So i thought: 'This is mine!' I got t from me dad because i did come with them. Before we went home i also got a delicious muffin!

Tomorrow or maybe later this week i will post some more picture's of the chest wich my dad take for me!

A little kiss for all my readers!
(Sorry for some bad english, but i'm not that good in writing english stuff.. But i will do my best for it!)


  1. whahah ziet er leuk uit! :D
    Waren daar alleen maar Alltimer-achtige auto's? :P
    Dat kistje is ook cool! :D

  2. Hmmm....Ik vraag me nu toch echt af wie die vriendin nou was die je tegen kwam xD
    Maar cool servies joh! Waar waren die want die heb ik dus niet gezien...O.O
    En die kist....OMG SUPER COOL joh!!!
    Kun je misschien Chris z'n hart in plaatsen ;-)
    Of die van jouw natuurlijk ;-)
    Anyway; Toedels, Auf Wiedersehen, ByeBye and houdoe!

  3. Super leuke foto's! Ziet eruit alsof je een super dag gehad hebt.

  4. i think you wrote wonderfully in english. and this looks like such a fun time! that chest is adorable. very cute! :) xx

  5. Vette kist *jaloers*
    Ik kom hem snel bewonderen ^^